Universal Charger - 10,000mAh
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Universal Charger - 10,000mAh

Code de produit : R800

The PowerCases Universal Charger is ultra-slim, compact and provides you with enough power to keep all your mobile devices in charge when you're on the move and need it most.

• Charges multiple devices by cable
• Ultra-slim and compact
• Very lightweight and portable
• Acceptable for carry-on baggage
• Fast battery recharge
• Integrated battery
• LED power indicators
• Over-charging protection
• Dual charge simultaneously
• Quick Charger 3.0
• USB A, USB Type-C port
• Flashlight (torch)

57,95$ CAD
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• Type:                                 Lithium Polymer
• True (Usable) Capacity:    10,000 mAh
• Volts:                                 3.7 V
• Lifetime:                            500+ cycles
• Working Temperature:      -20C to 60C
• Charge Hold Time (to 50%): 6 Months