Flying Beyond - The Canadian Commercial Pilot Textbook 3rd Edition
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Flying Beyond - The Canadian Commercial Pilot Textbook 3rd Edition

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This commercial ground school textbook builds thoroughly and expertly upon the content of its first two editions. Updated across all subjects, Flying Beyond, 3rd Edition further secures its status as the “Go To” textbook for Canadian CPL studies. It neatly segues readers into the higher standards required of pilots seeking to step up from their PPL status thereby sending them skillfully on their way towards careers as professional aviators.

Authored by the exceptionally knowledgeable ground school instructor, Chris Hobbs, Flying Beyond provides complete, unique, and informative content that not only meets the requirements of CPL standards, it also far exceeds them. Flying Beyond, 3rd Edition takes yet another step forward in the subject of commercial flying, ensuring that CPL students will have a solid foundation as comprehensively informed, fully prepared, and astutely educated professional pilots.

The topics in Flying Beyond are presented in the order given in Transport Canada’s syllabus. Subjects include: Human Factors (Psychological & Physiological), Theory of Flight, Airframes & Engines, Aircraft Systems, Flight Instruments, Meteorology, Weather Reports & Forecasting, Pilot Navigation & Radio Navigation, Flight Operations, Air Law, and more.

Each chapter remains enhanced with informative anecdotes that describe helpful “real world” scenarios related to the subject matter being presented. Also, frequently placed “exam hints” alert students to the importance of specific material, to better prepare them for the written CPL examination. Content abounds throughout the textbook that challenges students to think deeper about topics, to better consolidate their understanding of the nuances of the title’s extensive substance.

For General Aviation pilots seeking to upgrade from their standing as PPL holders, and for students setting out on career paths in aviation, Flying Beyond meticulously serves all professionally minded aviators. For readers seeking more, Flying Beyond provides it: content that is beyond what was learned for the PPL that stretches into the broader scope of knowledge that is necessary to become a safe and conscientious professional pilot.
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