Instrument Procedures Manual - 6th Edition
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Instrument Procedures Manual - 6th Edition

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Our latest edition of this renowned instrument pilot textbook, the Instrument Procedures Manual, 6th Edition, also known as the “IPM,” sets the new standard for thoroughness, scale and scope on the advanced subject of instrument flying.

This latest edition of this prominent instrument flight rules (IFR) textbook consolidates its preeminent status. It is written to provide students, as well as experienced aviation professionals, with information on today’s aircraft, satellite and ground-based instrument systems, departure, en route and approach procedures, and air traffic control regulations.

Nine chapters make up the bulk of this edition of this title. They include: Physiological Factors Related to IFR Flight, Instrumentation and Navigation Systems, Instrument Flight Techniques, Air Traffic Services, IFR Flight Procedures, and Rotor Wing. Content also includes chapters on Pilot Performance, Automation and Technology, and International Procedures.

Readers will also find seven extensive Appendices in the new IPM, as well as a very thorough Index. Every phase of flight, from pre-flight to landing, is discussed in terms of a safe and efficient IFR operation.

The author of this IPM is David Holland who has amassed over 17,000 hours in over 30 years in aviation. He is an Airbus A330 Captain, and an Airbus Check Captain, at Air Canada. He was a Transport Canada Pilot Examiner, and a Transport Canada Inspector. He also served in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Captain and Instructor on C130 Hercules aircraft. And, he is president of Aerosolutions, a consultancy in professional aviation training.

Long considered the authoritative textbook on instrument flying, the Instrument Procedures Manual, is crucial, and essential, reading for every serious pilot, be they student or experienced professional. If you want to know everything, and more, about flying IFR, the Instrument Procedures Manual is the book to have.

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